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  • Accessible Publics

    Accessible Publics

    Sessions will be scheduled at the participant’s convenience. Participants can choose to attend workshops with others or alone. In order to protect the anonymity of participants who may be at risk of legal action or state surveillance, payment for participation is not possible. However, all participants are entitled to any resulting design schematics and assembly…

  • Cyborg Imaginaries

    Cyborg Imaginaries

    Researchers at Purdue University are studying how disability and technology policy can change to make life better for people who use adaptive equipment and assistive technology. This survey is for US residents. Survey link: If you use any of the following:• Mobility equipment like wheelchairs, scooters, canes, walkers, prosthetic limbs, and more• Dexterity equipment…

  • International Student Success

    International Student Success

    The CoLiberation Lab is recruiting Students with experiences of English as a secondary language and Faculty involved in graduate education about their experiences. Please email Rua Williams (rmwilliams at purdue dot edu) or Chorong Park (park1187 at purdue dot edu) to participate.

  • Doctors Are Dickheads

    Doctors Are Dickheads

    Have you had difficult interactions with medical professionals? Are you a medical professional that is concerned about patient-physician relationships? Do you remember the #DoctorsAreDickheads hashtag on social media? Did you ever participate in conversations about #PatientsAreDickheads on Reddit? If you said yes to any of these, we want to hear from you! Please consider participating…