International Student Success

Recruitment flyer titled 'Impact of Faculty
Perceptions of Language Proficiency on
International Students' Success.' The
design features graphics of diverse hands
representing different races. A QR code
is present which links to the researchers
emails. The main text invites participation
from both international graduate students
and graduate-level faculty members,
emphasizing the purpose of gathering
insights into the admission process
experiences of international students.
The estimated interview duration is
mentioned as 60 minutes. The flyer notes
that participants should be residing in the
J.S.Contact emails, 'rmwilliams@purdue
edu' and ', are
provided for interested individuals.

The CoLiberation Lab is recruiting Students with experiences of English as a secondary language and Faculty involved in graduate education about their experiences. Please email Rua Williams (rmwilliams at purdue dot edu) or Chorong Park (park1187 at purdue dot edu) to participate.







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