The CoLiberation Lab is Rua M. Williams’s research lab at Purdue University. Students in the CoLiberation Lab work on research projects which explore technologies for Disabled-led action and transformation.


A Venn Diagram showing the intersecting work spaces at the CoLiberation Lab: Science & Technology Studies, Disability Studies, Human Computer Interaction, Design, and Media Studies

Projects in the CoLiberation Lab leverage theory, methods, and practice from multiple disciplines, for example: Science & Technology Studies, Disability Studies, Human-Computer Interaction, Design, and Media Studies. All projects are guided by Intersectional, Anti-racist, Transnational, and Critical Feminist Theory. Our lab practices recursive reflexive ethical engagement and evaluation in the formation, execution, and dissemination of our work.

Target Space

Diagram of outcome targets for research at the CoLiberation Lab. Our projects target the Transformation of Society and Culture through the bidirectional influences of Research Practices, Direct Community Outcomes, and Public Policy.

Projects in the Coliberation Lab are designed to transform Society and Culture for the liberation and healing of communities impacted by ableism, disability discrimination, racism, and eugenic policy. Our projects target reform in research practices, improvements in public policy, and direct community outcomes through Disabled-Led collaboration in inquiry, technology design, and dissemination of research outcomes.


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